We’re developing a platform for a revolutionary cancer treatment — Targeted Alpha Therapy

When highly energetic alpha particles pass through a cell they deliver enormous damage. Targeted Alpha Therapy harnesses the power of alpha particles by attaching alpha emitting isotopes to highly specific targeting molecules that deliver the radiation directly to cancer cells. We focus on the scalable production of these incredibly rare alpha emitting isotopes and turn them into therapies for a broad range of cancers.

Alpha 212®

Alpha 212® is the isotope Lead-212 or ²¹²Pb. It is produced by AdvanCell's ²¹²Pb generator and powers our therapeutic pipeline.

AdvanCell routinely manufactures Alpha 212® through a fleet of AdvanCell generators enabling full control of the supply chain for global manufacture of a pipeline of targeted alpha therapies.

The Future of Targeted Alpha Therapy

Proprietary ²¹²Pb production technology provides access to an unmatched supply of alpha isotopes to accelerate clinical development of a portfolio of alpha radioligand therapies.


Prostate Cancer




Pancreatic and Breast Cancer

The AdvanCell ²¹²Pb Generator

Our proprietary manufacturing platform capable of delivering a scalable solution to fully automated, GMP compliant manufacture of alpha radioligand therapies.


The generator provides an unmatched, GMP compatible, manufacturing platform to support rapid clinical development of alpha radioligand therapies.


The generator can be installed in a GMP manufacturing environment and flexibly deliver clinical scale ²¹²Pb every day on an ongoing basis.


Multiple generators can be operated in series providing the ability to safely scale production as required.


The generator produces a consistently radioisotopically pure product giving high quality assurance.